Soft Landscaping

John Bourne & Co. have been supplying hard and soft landscaping materials to the industry for over 40 years. We work with the civil engineering companies and large landscape contractors to supply a full range of topsoils, composts, barks and everything needed for high quality landscaping works.



The past 20 years has seen an evolution in the provision of topsoils into the sector. We can supply fully certified BS3882 topsoils across the country, all with up to date analysis and a guarantee of consistency and quality. We can supply not only BS3882 Multipurpose soil but also low fertility soils, as well as bespoke blends to meet a multitude of site-specific applications.


We have numerous sites where we bring in good quality greenfield topsoils, which we screen to 10mm and sell by the load into sites where analysis and traceability are not of principal concern. We are fully licensed to transport and treat these soils through our waste carrier license and waste transfer licenses.


We source and supply only PAS100 compliant green waste composts for a variety of applications from fruit tree mulching to soil amelioration and common garden use. Both 10mm and 20mm composts are rich in nutrients and provide a good peat free solution to enrich soils and put carbon back into the soils.

*Note our high sided bulker rigid tippers can hold 35m3 of compost, which is double that of a standard tipper (picture)

We can also supply Mushroom Compost, well-rotted farmyard manure and Coir.


We supply a whole range of barks and woodchips in our bulkers allowing a maximum payload of 30m3 giving better value than a standard tipper. From pine to spruce and our very own Woodland Amenity Mulch (WAM) we can deliver barks of all varieties into your site within two days of the placing of an order.

Sports Turf Materials

Washed Sports Sands

We supply sports sands into schools, sports clubs, and a variety of other locations as either topdressings, bunker sand, equestrian sand or play pit. Our washed sands range from fine to medium/coarse offering a variety of applications, with all sands being tested by our partners at the STRI.

Rootzone and Dried Dressings

We manufacture 5mm screened moist rootzone dressings as well as having a kiln at our Sevenoaks site where we kiln dry and screen to 2mm our high-quality turf dressings to send around the country.

We can blend to order with our range of sands, soils and compost to produce a bespoke dressing for your application.

Cricket Loam

We are one of the south-east's leading providers of fully certified cricket loam which is stone free and screened to 5mm. The loam is tested every year to ensure the correct clay content and assurances of consistency and quality.

All of the above materials are available in loose loads, either tipped or grabbed off. We also have multiple bagging facilities where all materials can be put in bulk bags or smaller poly bag units for ease of handling.

We aim to get materials out within 5 working days of the order being placed to offer maximum flexibility to our clients.

We do more

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