Increase Your Soil Performance

John Bourne & Co. has a long-standing commitment to farmers in Kent, Sussex and Surrey. We are dedicated to helping farmers adhere to eco-friendly, sustainable farming practices.

We offer the following agriculture products:

Compost/Lime Spreading and Fertiliser

One factor that is critical to ensuring healthy, robust crops is soil quality. Liming and fertilising are both integral to soil quality. At John Bourne & Co., we offer agricultural composting and lime spreading services.

We have got a new spreader built just in time for the season. It is all wheel drive and steer, with a custom chassis designed to handle the trickest of terrain. In addition, it has a leaning function for side slope stability. For now, it is set up for compost spreading but we will have a different hopper for lime and fertilisers to increase productivity alongside our current spreaders.

John Bourne & Co. can discuss various options available to ensure optimal product performance and results.

Other Services we offer

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