John Bourne & co.

Muck away

Our 8 wheel tipper vehicles and grab lorries are available to hire for waste collection and disposal (muckaway). Muck away is a generic term to describe the removal of soil from a construction site during earth work operations such as reduced level dig, trench excavation and bulk excavation. This type of work can also be carried out on redevelopment sites where this would produce broken concrete, reinforced concrete, stone, brick or made ground.

Muck away is classified as hazardous, non-hazardous and inert. Inert muck away incudes brick, concrete, hardcore and subsoil. Additional material can be classed as inert, provided that it is tested and can meet the waste acceptance criteria (WAC). Such projects can be priced on a individual load basis or a daily rate hire, which can often be advantageous for moving large volume over a short distance.

As part of our commitment to safety, our fleet is accredited to FORS gold standard. This standard ensures we have advanced safety systems, such as audible left turning warning, Side protection bars, 360-degree camera systems and new innovative wheel nut indicators.

Each vehicle is also fully equipped with GPS tracking, satellite navigation, which means we can locate and communicate with our drivers instantly.

For further information about our fleet of 8 wheel tippers, please get in touch – our skilled and experienced team is ready and waiting to help.