John Bourne & co.

Agricultural products

As the largest agricultural lime merchant in Kent, Sussex and Surrey we remain committed to farmers and farming.

We stand ready to supply farmers from our quarries on the North Downs with Ground and Screened Chalk as well as Magnesium Limestone for fruit growers and a range of bulk organic manures and composts.

Our spreading service, consisting of 10 tonne trailed low ground pressure spreaders down to small tractors and cut down spreaders for top and soft fruit, is geared up to spread a large quantity over a short period.

The replacement of calcium lost from the soil by leaching and crop uptake is essential to maximise production from all drops.

The availability of plant nutrients is affected by the pH of the soil. The increasing cost of artificial fertiliser makes it even more essential for farmers and growers to ensure that pH levels are not so low that the fertiliser becomes unavailable to the plant.

We provide a free soil-testing service that, by meticulous individual sampling, locates acid patches and enables liming of those patches only.

Alternatively we can supply customers with handy pH testing kits for their own use.